Have You Got What It Takes?

Do you?

Do you have what it takes
to face the world
and share your gifts with it?

Makeup or no make up.

Whether or not you have a friend
who's always loyal and curious
about what you're doing.

Are you brave enough to bestow your gifts upon the world,
saying, "Here I am World -- I'm good enough just as I am"
and "I have something to offer" ?

Or do you have still have work to do?

Each of us is born to create.
Every living being has some gift to express
that will benefit the whole,
and it is for each of us to discern what gifts
we bring to the table.
This indeed is the hardest work --
not the actual doing or being, but knowing
what it is that we are called to be and do.

- Jan Phillips
Marry Your Muse

Do you know what you're called to do?


will said…
I think I know what you're doing to your eye, I think.

Me, I get up, put on my jeans, shirt and boots, eat breakfast and sometimes I splash water on my face. That's it.
beth said…
I think I do, although somedays it changes right before my eyes !
poefusion said…
I don't do makeup at all unless I absolutely have to. I've always leaned toward the natural beauty someone has.

Your cat is beautiful. Hope all is well.
Patricia said…
Hi Meri-
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for letting me know a little bit more about your friend, Liz. I thought your post today was really inspiring. It's hard to just get up and go without worrying about how the world will perceive you, whether it's going out without makeup or letting your artwork be judged. I look forward to reading more of your posts :)
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

I like to think of creativity as a broader spectrum of expression - not just specific talents or gifts.

I think that the ways we express ourselves and share ourselves with the world on a daily basis is creativity at work. And it also takes effort and focus and mindfulness.

People get daunted by and fearful of 'creativity' thinking they are not good enough...when all we need to be aware of is how we relate and offer ourselves now...maybe then the other creativity will flow...

Happy days
Colette said…
Hi Meri. Very thoughtful post and portrait.

Love your pussy cat.
Reya Mellicker said…
Sweet pic of you curling your eyelashes. It's so girly!

I think we all do face the world and give our gifts to it every single day. For me the tricky part is remembering that I'm fully here and fully worthy, just as I am.

and ... there's always more work to do.
Sherri B. said…
You truly inspire with your posts...loved this one!!
A.Smith said…
Sometimes I do, most of the time I wonder. I know I see things under a different lens than most people and that, both gives me and takes away the certainty.

I just do when the spirit moves and sit otherwise watching Quanyin in my garden, knowing She knows that all who wonder about are not always lost, some times we are just searching.
The Smiths said…
I'm a "what you see is what you get" kind of gal. Although, I will admit that I have those days of "am I good enough".

When I see the smile on my husband's face and hear the laughter from my daughter, I know that is what I am currently called to do. This is the current chapter of my life. I hope that the next chapter is as wonderful as this one.

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