A Fresh Perspective

when the pieces don't seem to fit together anymore

when you're stuck in a dark place
you fear you'll inhabit forever

sometimes all it takes

"A Fresh Perspective" - photo copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

to piece things back together

to turn the key and set yourself free

to find a new way
of looking at things

p.s This shot wasn't layered or manipulated in Photoshop.
This is as it came out of the camera. I just
took the time to notice what was around me
and found a new way to show things to you.


larkspur said…
Great foto; great words to live by
This pic is stunning; it gave me a fresh persspective and that truly is all you need sometimes. great philosophy.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

yes it is there already for us to find...

but sometimes, as you know, there is a time for 'stuckness' too and that's ok...

because to feel released we need to know what it is to feel stuck...

Happy days
Meri said…
It's true that sometimes we need to wrestle our demons and stay "stuck" for awhile. But as you know Delwyn, some people make a career out of being stuck, because then they can spin a story about how miserable a life they were dealt.
poefusion said…
A fresh perspective is definitely all one needs to take off in a new direction. Your photo is great. Have a nice night.
Anonymous said…
before i read your bit about the photo being as it was, i thought how creative you were to have done this to a photo. then i read it, and now i think how open you are to seeing things with new eyes, and noticing things one normally wouldnt.
georgia b. said…
this is incredible. what a gorgeous image. i really really like what you have done with it.

but it is because of what you wrote that i am so glad i came here today. my husband just came home from work. he was laid off today. i've been out of work since april, when i was laid off. a fresh perspective is exactly what i need right now, and this may be the perfect time for it. i'm scared out of my wits, but i'm hoping i can see this as an opportunity.

thank you for this.
ELK said…
meri this is a most unusual view...I am glad to have seen it!

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