Another Reflection


Always in the mood for a little

"Virgo, Aries Rising" copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Sometimes I just get lucky.

Here's the back story on this piece and this post.

I took this photo Thursday night when a friend and I found most ArtWalk
venues had closed early. Of course, I had to squeeze the lemons
life had handed us and make lemonade
so out came the trusty purse-sized Canon. "Let the snapping begin."

There were the realistic pieces: the wild flowers in a vacant lot,
the graffiti on a boxcar on the nearby train tracks, bits of architecture.
Lots of pics to use on my Tacoma Photo blog. And there were
some artsy images, like the one above.

Friday I printed it and put it in a Target frame that came
with glass and a mat. Took it down to the volunteers
organizing the Peninsula Art League's member show
at Key Bank during PAL's annual arts & crafts fair.
Because I hadn't paid for a pro to frame it, I priced it at $75.
The show opened Saturday morning.
By early afternoon, the piece was spoken for.
If she came back with her checkbook,
the purchaser can pick it up this afternoon
at the close of the show by producing her receipt.



beth said…
wow !
really wow !

and making lemonade you certainly did !!
Wow. And oh pooh! Oh pooh because I have just been putting together my next posting for the Friday Shoot-out which is on...yes...reflections. And I click on Blogspot and you have another masterpiece. I know, I know, art is not a competition (or shouldn't be) love. And some of my stuff makes me smile. But you turn out piece after incredible piece! I should probably back off before I damage your grasp of humility. But, damn! I've looked at a whole lot of photography in my life and there is some true genius in your eyeballs.
poefusion said…
Meri, I'm not surprised you sold your work because you produce interesting pieces. Congrats. Hope all is well. Have a great day.
georgia b. said…
i can never tell if your photos are abstract paintings or photographs. that is what i LOVE about your photography!

this is beautiful. what wonderful color!
ELK said…
amazing artistic reflection of my favorite pieces!

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