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Haiku My Heart: Star Magnolia

Haiku My Heart they burst into bloom  turn their faces to the light annual showoffs

The Prince is Dead

The news came in via Facebook. Hints, then confirmation. Prince is dead. Found dead at his home. For me personally, not the punch to the gut of learning that John Lennon was dead or George Harrison  (though we knew that was coming) because Prince wasn't my thing. But I knew my daughter  would be devastated. As a young teen, she was gaga over him,  then way girls were Paul girls or John girls (until the Beatles broke up). She fantasized that they would marry. In other words, she was really in to him. So I called her to say "I'm sorry." I knew she'd be in mourning. And she was. She said, "Ive been bawling my eyes out since I heard the news." And then, not knowing what else to do, I sat down and composed the tribute collage you see above.  A few years ago, when she lived in Omaha instead of ten minutes from me, I discovered that her idol was doing a concert there, in her adopted city. I don

Forget the Tulips, I'm Ordering Daffodils

It's tulip time in Washington. Perhaps a little past prime time, given that last week's weather was spectacular and unseasonably warm. While I love tulips for their vibrant colors, I live at the edge of the woods. My woods are inhabited by deer. And my deer l-o-v-e to munch on tulips. And azaleas, camellias, and lots of other tasty treats. . . that are on the "deer resistant plant" list. But so far they've left my daffodils alone. So I just placed an order  for another 250 d affodil bulbs. They'll arrive in the fall for planting time and poke up their cheerful heads in March just when I'm needing some color to counter the long gray days of  a Pacific Northwest winter.