Self-Portrait Wednesday: Spirit Guides

Me (on writing in and out of "flow"):

Sometimes, while writing in a kind of
out of body experience,
words come together
in a magical way and when I come back into my self,

I'm amazed at what formed in my absence.
At other times, I feel like Hansel and Gretel,
dropping words
to mark my path
and hoping I find my way back home someday.

Do your spirit guides ever get so frustrated with you
for not getting the message they're trying to impart
that they speak out loud to you in a booming voice?

Mine did once.
In the middle of the night, when I was all alone.

I don't know his name, but I call him
"The Emphatic One."

He pronounced:
The ability to evoke emotion with the written word
is a gift. Quit squandering it!

I guess drafting legal pleadings didn't count.

What gifts did you come in with
that you aren't making full use of?

Do you think you might be depriving the world
of something special that you, and only you,
might offer?

Think about it.

Figure out a plan for using your gift
before your spirit guide has to raise his voice with you.


~JarieLyn~ said…
I really love this post. I can relate to this, only I didn't hear my spirit guide talk a complete sentence. It was a female voice, and she jolted me awake by calling my name in a clear, sharp voice. If she hadn't jolted me awake, I would have been late for work. This happened back in 1991 and I will never forget that experience. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before or since, which is completely different than sensing a presence and seeing entities. That's a whole other story for another day.
Beautiful post as usual.
Lynne said…
I love the picture! Like a grown up Alice, peeping through the looking glass into an unimaginable future (but she likes what she sees, as she has her camera ready!)
deb did it said…
Meri, I love this fun and playful! I gotta go get mine done. and up until now, I have always obeyed the Muse's voice inside of me....I am impulsive, willing to try almost ANYTHING, and able to change the plan if it does not work out the way i want it. Moss never has an opportunity to grow under my feet!
A.Smith said…
My spirit guides - thank goodness - are filled with humor. And forgiveness toward my trespasses which are many when ignoring warnings and suggestions. I am grateful, otherwise my life would be a continuous search for the meaning of so many wonderful gifts that I have a hard time understanding at times. They just know that this time around I am sort of a savant wannabe :)
beth said…
ohhhh, I'm thinking alright :)

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