You know I love the interplay of
light and shadow.

Platform58's theme for this month is Light.
The issue just came out and is online.

Here's my contribution (at page 9).

"I Feel Like Dancin' " copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian. All rights reserved.

Next month's theme is freedom.
Hmm. That opens up a whole realm of possibilities.


poefusion said…
I see movement in this captured moment because of you play of light. The blurs add that extra pop. Well done.
Keuter said…
i love the vibrancy of this photo the color is popping. kt
Excellent - Your creation of rich color in glass reflections comes forth in photographs of people have a style that is eminently recognizeable. I love it.
Reya Mellicker said…
It definitely makes me want to jump up and start dancing around! Very cool.
deb did it said…
I can almost hear the music looking at this photo full of light and life.

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