The Light of Awareness

Each artist is a facet
of God's unfolding infinite vision,
refracting the light of awareness
in his or her own particular way.
- Alex Grey

"Panels" -copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian. All rights reserved.

Each of us has a unique take
on what it means
to be
alive and living on this earth.

Each and every one of us
refracts the light of awareness
in our own particular way,
a unique expression shaped
by culture, intelligence, curiosity,
our degree of comfort in our skin,
how we relate to the world creatively.

We contribute by the words we add
to the human discourse;
the images we capture or create and share
with others to inspire, challenge, educate;
the tracks of kindness we leave as we negotiate
our path through life.

We refract the light of awareness
by cultivating and demonstrating compassion,
by growing in wisdom,
by learning to continue questioning
even when we think we know the answers.

We add our light to the world
by seeing miracles all around us
and letting possibility shine through,
a torch held aloft for those still
wandering in the wilderness of despair.

There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as if nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.
- Albert Einstein


poefusion said…
I love your picture. You couldn't have chosen better words to compliment it either. Have a great day.
Lynne said…
that picture is fascinating. How doid you get that effect? (I understand if its a secret!)
rebecca said…
profound and important.
how we reflect, inspire and allow..
others, ourselves
to learn, share,lift each other up as we live the daily mystery of life.
which is miraculous!!!
beautiful post...thank you
Meri said…
Rebecca and Michelle - thanks for your kind words about my words.

And Lynne - it's no secret. The photo was of stainless steel panels on a building, the color coming from reflections of concrete, grass, water, mountains, and sky. Then I bumped up the color saturation a bit to intensify the effect. Voila -- there you have it.
Karen Cole said…
Love reflections, both photographic and written. Yours are both wonderful.

I wish I had that flag reflected in the water at my house yesterday. beautiful shot.
Relyn Lawson said…
The miracle quote is one of my most favorite in a lifetime of quote collecting. It's both profound and hopeful, isn't it?
Delwyn said…
Hello Meri

I like your words as much as those of Einstein and Grey...

I posted a response to the comment you left on the bookshelf story of mine then realised I should have emailed you. dang...

You will find some book info there.

Happy days
georgia b. said…
this is beautiful!

is panels a photo or a painting? it's wonderful either way.
ELK said…
the picture is gentle BUT the words amaze me...blessings

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