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My New Year Wish for You


Stay Tuned to Share the Joy

Stay tuned.... Share the Joy will post tomorrow As soon as I get the  new system hooked up. Update: Ok Guess I was overly optimistic. Still working on things.... See you next week.

Riding the Merry-Go-Round

It feels as if I am riding a carousel. . . .  Up and down, round and round But not making forward progress. I think I finally cracked the code  for loading images into blog posts so that's good (and it relates to using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer)  but mostly, it feels as if I've been stagnating. With my desktop in need of repair and my laptop  apparently beyond help, working on the books has ground to a halt. Art-making materials are spread out between the for-sale house and the new one, and Polyvore is too hard to manage on a tablet,  at least at my tablet-skill level. Maybe something is germinating under the soil,  but what that might be is a big question mark. I'm not used to feeling so aimless. What's the lesson here?

Share the Joy: Working Around the Difficulties

The computer issues still are plaguing me,  so this post will be brief. The server keeps rejecting photos I try to load,  even though they are stored in web albums. To this I say: BAH HUMBUG! So my joy will have to wait for later sharing. You can share yours by leaving a comment  which includes a link to your post. I hope I can get the desktop computer  up and running soon.  This is just a big pain in the tush.

Share the Joy

After having a total hard drive crash, now  my laptop has died. I couldn't be without email, so I bought a tablet.  I must be doing something wrong because it's not letting me insert images in my blog posts. I'm also having problems adding the link code so all I can suggest is to leave a comment with a link to your JOY post so others can see ot and I'll try to get the tech issues sorted out by next week