Haiku My Heart: Fashion

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dew diamonds signal
fashion extravaganza
pink and yellow skirts


rebecca said…
i would wear these!
as long as the crystal drops are along for the ride.

i love you meri...
thanks for being a loyal haiku offering.
EG CameraGirl said…
Sweet, Meri. The words and photo are wonderful together...and separately as well.
Leslie said…
So lovely! I think a designer would definitely be inspired. I know I am!
Uma said…
This is exquisite, your photo and your haiku.
Spadoman said…
Very nice indeed. I can see the skirts. I don't think mankind can recreate these beautiful colors though.

Wonderful observation -- as soon as I read the last line of your haiku, I glanced back up at the picture and saw it completely differently. Or maybe I just saw it rather than skimming my eyes over it.
Oh how wonderful. Indeed they do dance in beauty! Wishing you well! Cathy
Ramesh Sood said…
What an imagination..very very creative.. Thanks.. would love to attend the fashion show..
deb did it said…
sparkly yellow pink
twirly skirts
invite me to dance
*jean* said…
o so sweet...what a beautiful capture...your words conjur such a lovely thought...like fantasia, dancing flower petals...
Anonymous said…
That photo is outstanding!!
Ms. Moon said…
And what lovely, slender stalk-like waists!
Meri said…
Rebecca: You waist is tiny enough to fit into these long, flowing tutu creations. They make me think of Swan Lake. And the pleasure of Haiku My Heart is all mine.

EGWow: isn't it fun to look at a photo and see something unexpected?

Leslie and Uma: Haiku My Heart totally delights me because I love pairing words and images.

Spadoman: It would take some effort and still wouldn't be perfect, I suspect.

B and B: as Butler would say, everything is light reflected.

Cathy (GrandmaK): That's what we should all aspire to --dancing in beauty!

Ramesh: That's what imaginations are for.

Deb: I love haiku calls and responses. It reminds me of kirtan. And I think that your skirt would need a bit of lace in addition to the crystals.

Jean: I took that early one morning, when the city was quiet and there was dew on everything. It was magical.

Southwest Arkie: Thanks!

ControllingaSpicyUniverse: Thanks - it has a delicate beauty that's appealing, I think.
paper-n-soul said…
Beautiful finery, with just the right amount of 'bling'! :)

Anonymous said…
This reflects the very high standard that I’m coming to expect from you. Excellent!!!

Have a good day, Boonie
Kim Mailhot said…
This is beautiful !!! Oh to be able to wear clothes like that !
Thanks so much for your birthday love on the blog today ! You made me laugh out loud with the boobs comment ! (Only problem, I have big jeans and big boobs ! But I still have a hell of a lot more to celebrate than worry about !)
Happy Friday, Meri !
Anonymous said…
Hiya Meri,
Your comment made me realize that I had put in last week's link in the haiku list this morning.
Obviously not all Virgoes are equally organized and meticulous :-(
What are these lovely flowers deserving of your haiku?
Other than upside-down tulips I mean:-)
Unknown said…
I'd wear these lovely skirts too!!
Meri said…
Deb: Thanks. Bling is good, especially when nature creates it.

Boonie: Oh, the pressure!

Kim: I've responded personally so nobody else is reading our body woes.

MoreMemes: Virgos, organized? Well, maybe sometimes, but sometimes distracted, too. And I don't have a clue what kind of flowers these are. . . I found them in a public garden, no tags attached.

Stephanie: Me too, if my waist were that small.
Short Poems said…
Lovely indeed, loved it :)
All the best Marinela x
Lovely to look at as well as your words are to read.

These dew-kissed tulips rival any Dolce and Gabbana or Prada that I have ever seen!It is a beautiful photo Meri and you have captured some pricesless water gems here. Lovely haiku Thank you!
foxysue said…
Dew diamonds are my fave, as they roll down the velvet lovelyness of petals.

Thank you for sharing your vision of beauty and drawing us into your bejeweled world!
Ileana said…
Wow! This one makes me want to dance in pink and yellow skirts with flowers in my hair.

Beautiful image to go with your elegant haiku! I ♥ it!!
turquoise cro said…
These make me want to lick one dew drop,mmmMMMMMMMMM!
ms pie said…
could not help but wonder tulips, no, crocus... no, they've gotta be tulips... the most beautiful of skirts ever offered... a magical moment haiku that is absolutely perfect... happy haiku friday..
Meri said…
Short Poems and Casseopeia: Thanks for your kind words.

FoxySue and Scarlet Ily: Finding beauty in the world and bringing it to consciousness in myself and others is a passion.

Turquoise Cro: sent you a message.

Ms Pie: these flowers aren't tulips or crocus, but I'm not sure what they are. They were in a public garden with no tags attached. I've never seen them before.

Noelle: Thanks for you words and the links to the articles and images. They hit the spot.
Sandy K. said…
Just beautiful...the photo and the Haiku. I love "found objects" in nature. We have been gone for a few days to a Crane Fest - check my blog tomorrow for details:).
Inspired by your photo and haiku!

flecked with dew
flower-skirts flouncing
in dawn’s face

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