Advertising for a Man

I told you about my photo shoot
in conjunction with
advertising for a man.

So here are the ad shots.

Not a self portrait, strictly speaking.
But portraits of my self.

And here's the ad copy


a spiritual being in a physical body * a chai baby * a girlie girl
with a soft side * intelligent, capable, creative * analytical * intuitive*
a writer * a voracious reader * a great friend * an adept problem
solver * playful or serious, as called for * funny * someone
who believes that perfume is an essential fashion accessory *
a believer in casual chic * fanatical about comfortable shoes *
sensual * supportive and nurturing * optimistic *
a woman with a zest for life * politically moderate to liberal,
with a touch of libertarian lurking inside * alternately chatty
and quiet * love word play * enjoys my adult children *
prefers cats to dogs, but lives with both * likes listening
to music, seeing films * a blogger * a communicator *
usually patient and tolerant * need private time and quiet
to recharge my emotional batteries * somewhat
romantic & sentimental * when committed,
faithful and "dedicated to the one I love" *
affectionate * demonstrative * financially responsible *
thoughtful * insightful * occasionally drop the neatness ball *
mostly organized * usually early or on time *
sometimes unpredictable * tend to see the glass
as full to the brim (forget this "half full, half empty" stuff).

Any takers?

Not so far.

Good thing I enjoy my own company.


larkspur said…
Meri, these are beautiful! I admire your chutzpah. You know he is out patient :}
Meri said…
Glad someone thinks so. I had lunch with a friend yesterday and she's going to start looking for possible matches for me. (The old-fashioned way).
poefusion said…
Meri, these are excellent pictures. You are beautiful. Your write up is great so now all you have to do is wait for that like minded man to come along. He'll be here before you know it.

Always good to have a friend on the side that will help you, too. Have a great day.
georgia b. said…
why, you are lovely! it is just a matter of time, i'm sure.
beth said…
meri...the photos are fantastic !

and the right guy is out there...probably someone you already see all the time and don't even know it yet...

it's kind of exciting :)
deb did it said…
oh Meri, if I were a guy I would date you! BRAVO, beautiful and bodacious! Happy hunting!
Izzy said…
Oh, you look absolutely smashing!!! Sometimes finding someone the old fashioned way is refreshing simple... These times we live in are so computer obsessed that we forget about how we used to date. I met my current husband online (been married a little over a year) but the ugly, self-obsessed frogs I had to wade through in order to find him was insanely exhausting. Whatever path you chose, and it can be both, I wish you much luck. You are definitely a prize catch. ;)
Delwyn said…

You are completely honest and genuine ...and these characteristics will find a match...

The photos are charming - showing you as sensual, vulnerable yet strong...

Happy days
Anonymous said…
meri, these are absolutely great! hurray to you for taking the first bold step. i dont think i could ever muster such courage! i strongly believe that there is a soul mate for everyone out there. and i am sure that when you find him, he will be worth the wait :)
sam brightwell said…
Meri, I'm smiling and chuckling, and just really impressed at your bright cheery approach to this. I'm doing the same thing as you, with some internet dating sites, but I don't have the balls to put it up on my blog! You go, girl!

But it's good to talk and laugh about this process, otherwise it is just so inhuman, so degrading. I'm so much more open about it these days.

Oh, I had a laugh yesterday. One of the sites I've been on offered me a new subscription service, where they do a more in-depth personality profile. So I did the profile (that bit was free), and then waited for their suggested matches to come up. Tick tick tick. Time passed slowly for a moment or two. Then I had a whole page of 'matches' but not one of them was calculated as more than a 51% match to me. That doesn't sound good enough, does it? I could find someone that's only a 51% match in the supermarket, I think. But then, I wouldn't have the chutzpah to go up and ask them out anyway.

Perhaps it's just pointing out that I'm a bit eccentric, a bit off the wall. And maybe I don't want a 75% match anyway. So what's the point of the personality profile?

You've got to smile. Or you'd crack up. Let us know how you get on. And maybe we ought to ask some of the 'lesser' matches out on dates, just for the fun of meeting up with someone.

Bright Blessings.
Dave King said…
I'm not in the market, alas, otherwise I would have been!
Reya Mellicker said…
Those dudes out there are crazy if they don't jump at the chance to get to know you asap!

Beautiful pictures and what a great word portrait. You go girl!
Tracy said…
Whoa, Meri! Those are terrific photo and I like your description of yourself--honest and fun too, soft yet very strong too. Hope there will be some takers soon...You go! :o)
Meri, the photos and write-up are sexy, confident, and sassy (your word, it fits). Where are you placing this ad? It seems to me this is for some extremely classy men's magazine (3 or 4 out there that I know of). A little daunting for harmony or match?Also, please for yourself list all the things that are great about being single. I wish you the best.
I'm exhausted after listening to Butler spend three hours reminding Bagman that he is already married.

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