Working on a New Series

I've had lots to say lately
but instead of using my words,
I've taken that energy and worked on a series
of images called Sea Glass.

I gave you a sneak peek of one of the pieces on Saturday
without mentioning that it was one of many images
sharing a commonality
but now that the series is taking shape,
here's another.

"Breathless in the Ether" copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian. All rights reserved.

I'm exploring an opportunity to exhibit them
at an Art Walk in Seattle's Fremont District
in December.

And I'm thinking of selling prints of the images online.

I've always been reluctant to put my work "out there,"
worrying that it's not good enough.

But having three pieces published
and the recent sale of the piece I entered in the local art show
has boosted my confidence.

Anybody having good luck with Etsy shops?
Any advice?

And more to the point:
Why is it so hard for us to claim our power?


larkspur said…
All I can offer is to go for it! What have you got to lose? Claim your power and the creative energy it releases. More importantly, have fun with this new found you...
Tracy said…
So happy for your recent successes, Meri! May the flow keep going and you ride the wave! I think for us creative folks that fear factor is always there in a tiny corner of our mind, and that hold us back. It's great when we let the flood gates open and gain power from our confidence in our work. As you know, I make jewelry and accessories, I have shops at Etsy and at ArtFire. Both are great venues by which to sell online. Personally, the past year has been slow for me in terms of sales, which has knock my own confidence. But I keep trying! There are lots of other venues out there to sell on...Enjoy this next step in our path. LOVE the piece and theme of the series...LOVE all things sea-related. Have fun! :o)
Barbara M said…
I think you are a very gifted artist and I don't see why you worry about your work - it's wonderful!

We all have blips in our confidence(see my blog) The thing is; it's only temporary. Go with the flow, and good luck!
Barbara M said…
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~JarieLyn~ said…
Meri, your art is very beautiful. I would definitely hang that in my house. You are extremely talented. You have the gift. Your writing is superb as well. Keep on doing what you're doing. Your work is more than good enough, that's why I keep coming back.
georgia b. said…

i'd tell you more about etsy if i knew more. i'm still so new at it, i'm afraid i don't have much advice to give. although i intend to sell some photo prints in my shop, i'm just not ready for that yet. soon, though.

i can say that i live etsy, and everything so far has been seamless.
Anonymous said…
meri you should open shop! i think etsy is great i have been researching them and they have a lot of support staff and helpful advice. i am going back and forth about starting a shop myself it is just a little more complicated with etsy since i am overseas need to find out about business laws here. excited for you. kt
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

go for it
you've got talent...

Happy days
Meri said…
You all are so supportive! I feel like I have my own personal cheering section. After I get finished with my painting workshop next week, I think I'll follow your suggestions and research Etsy and ArtFire and start developing a plan.
deb did it said…
my favorite line is NIKE...JUST DO IT. So I encourage you to try any and everything. If it doesn't work out, just change your direction, alter your plan. You can not fail, hell, half the success is DOING IT, putting yourself out really does get easier....GO GIRL. Seems like you are a volcano ready to erupt with overflowing lava of art!!
poefusion said…
I think your photo 'Breathless in Ether' should be one of your first offerings in your Etsy shop. It's great.

Etsy is a free service but I haven't read enough about the rules to know if they get a percentage of your profits. If they don't it looks to be a strong service. I've been thinking about selling some of my photos their too. But, I want to take some classes in photography and photoshop before I set up shop.
Relyn Lawson said…
I say, "Jump!" Go for it. Of course, that's me telling you. Much easier said than done, I know. Still, I think you will be glad you tried. You'll be fantastic. I'll be thinking of you. Keep me posted, please.
Definitely do it-you just never know what can happen. I remember those feelings too-uncertainty, doubt. But you just have to push forward and through those blocks. The funny thing is, the more you put yourself out there, the easier it gets to push aside those fears! They're still there, believe me, but it's easier to tell them to hush. :)

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