Sowing Seeds

What I love best about the world of blog
is knowing that we are all sowing

Seeds of kindness.

Seeds of compassion and connection.

Taking a handful of wisdom seeds and throwing them out
to see where they will take root.

We just never know when
something we say will be

just what someone needed to hear that day

the instrument of healing

the only flash of joy and laughter in
an otherwise lousy day

a token of friendship to someone feeling lonely

the turning point in someone's life path.

We just never know.

But what a powerful tool for affirming our connection
as human beings, as entities hungering
for belonging and affirmation.

I'm awed that only 500 years (give or take a few)
after the invention of the printing press,
my words can bounce around the world -
can be read by hundreds of strangers
just by my choosing to click on the words

May wonders never cease.


~JarieLyn~ said…
I love what you wrote. I'm glad you pressed that publish button. Thanks for the insight.
poefusion said…
I'm constantly amazed at how technology has changed in order for each of us to connect today. Let's keep pushing that publish button and stay connected. Hope all is well. Have a great night.
georgia b. said…
i couldn't agree more with every word you've said here. and of course, i feel exactly what you are talking about after the week i've had.

thanks again for everything.

wonderful post. just a continuation of that comment you left about the seeds on my post. :)

and what an interesting point you raise about the printing press. i remember studying about that, since it happened during or close to the reformation. how much the world has changed in such a short time.
rebecca said…
ohhhh my friend through cyber space
you are a comfort.
i marvel at just this...
that sometimes we do not know the hearts we touch, lift, inspire..
and how important it is to also thank those that without knowing lift us.

perfect healing.
Anonymous said…
i get so much joy from reading the words of others, and so much comfort from the words left on my blog by this wonderful network of bloggers.
Hi Meri, like you, I hit the publish button as an act of faith, faith that the words will somehow be read, perhaps even be understood in a way to help someone become just a little more conscious. The world needs light, and for most, that light comes from the "word."
beth said…
and if those seeds never grew I'd be so my blogging garden has grown leaps and bounds...

thank you for this :)
ELK said…
you write the truth about the support of others and the words that help someone you do not even know...I so enjoy your space here

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