A Broken Dryer on the Path to Happiness

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,

and the life of the candle will not be shortened.

Happiness never decreases from being shared.

- Buddha

I shared an hour or two of happiness today
with my buddy Adrienne.
Her dryer broke, so she brought wet clothes
over in a garbage bag and dried them here.

It gave us an opportunity to crack open a bottle
of really yummy Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon
and drink to her upcoming vacation,
setting ourselves free creatively,
and friendship.

Did you get to share happiness with anyone today?
If not, make up for it tomorrow.


Delwyn said…
I love your tropical tablecloth Meri,

Sharing Happiness yes...every day...but with a special friend it is extra special happiness...

Happy days
Anonymous said…
not in person. but yesterday i called someone whom i dearly love, but had lost in touch for a year with due to a misunderstanding in the past. i spent an hour yesterday and another lovely hour today on the phone with him, catching up.
larkspur said…
Yes..yes..sharing happiness with old friends was my sole purpose for vacation. Gardening with, drinking wine, sharing the joys of fresh food, strolling, laughing, tromping, running, and conversation...all with long, lost friends.
beth said…
i did...
I spent the day with my sister figuring out how to fix the messy walls that wallpaper removal has now left her...

and picking out new carpet and being loved on my niece and holding new baby kittens and laughing and eating chicken salad cousins subs....it was a good day without a doubt !
rebecca said…
never give up the opportunity to share happiness...love,compassion,
life's simply pleasures,

life can so easily turn on it's heels,
and take you to a world forever changed.
Lynne said…
there's always a silver lining! Isn't it wonderful?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Relyn Lawson said…
Oh, you make me want my drying to go down. Lucky Adrienne to have a friend like you.
Reya Mellicker said…
Bravo! Any excuse to open a bottle of Cab Sav, I say. Oh yeah.
poefusion said…
Nothing's better than spending time with a friend and creating. Hope your friend has a great vacation. Good night~
deb did it said…
Meri, there is nothing like cracking open a good Cab with a good friend....today I shared laughter, cold beer and great lunch with two girlfriends...LIFE IS WONDERFUL. and your table is divine!
Tracy said…
Absolutely love this display and Buddha quote, Meri. Sharing happiness... Oh, yes! Hubby & I will be making a pizza for dinner tonight and watching again Martin Scorsese documentary "Shine a Light" on the Rolling Stones. This film is such fun, hard to keep seated with Mick Jagger orchestrating everyone to keep moving! hahaha... So sharing happy & movement... Have a great weekend ahead, Meri. :o)

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