Today is a milestone.

My "baby" Gavin

that piece of my heart
who walks around outside of my body

turns 21.

He's a bright, engaging, serious young man
learning to make his way in the world.

I have no doubt
his path will be a special one.

Happy 21st Birthday,

I love you, heart of my heart.


Anonymous said…
your baby becoming an adult? best wishes of the day to you both.
poefusion said…
That baby picture of Gavin is adorable. He's grown into a nice looking young man. Happy Birthday Gavin. Hope your day is filled with happiness. Have a great day everyone.
beth said…
what a sweet tribute to a boy who is now officially an adult...a man..

they grow too fast, don't they ?

and sometimes not nearly fast enough !!!
MJ said…
Lovely post! Happy birthday, Gavin!
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

Is Gavin your baby?

This is a lovely picture; the colours illuminate each other so well.

Happy days
ELK said…
i have a 21 too...happy milestone
Patricia said…
This is such a big deal for him but also for's transitioning time and that can be exciting and hard...Celebrate his birthday and your accomplishments as a great mom :)
Jennifer said…
My youngest, my son, turned 21 in April. I understand just where you are.

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