A Belated Fourth of July Post

It isn't just on the Fourth of July
that boats in marinas all over Puget Sound
hoist the Stars & Stripes.

But today's a nice day
for a reflection on freedom

and constitutional rights

separation of church and state

and the liberty inherent in being able to
express divergent views without being shot
or "disappearing" or being tortured
or having your blog shut down.


poefusion said…
wonderful post Meri~ I love how you captured the flag in the water's below. How clever.
rebecca said…
visually stunning...
deb did it said…
Oh Meri,this flag photo is spectacular! It is so alive with movement, clarity and FREEDOM!
Relyn Lawson said…
What a marvelous, painterly image. You have an amazing eye. My wishes are late, but I do want to wish you a happy Independence Day.
larkspur said…
fabulous foto, Meri!
Izzy said…
just beautiful, chill bumps...
georgia b. said…
oh, my! this is one seriously cool picture!
Is there anything you can't do with reflections??!!! Absolutely fabulous. You shoot what my mind wants to shoot.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

this is a very good shot...one for a magazine I think...

Happy days
ELK said…
unusual way to show old glory ~you are so talented Meri
normana53 said…
Hi Sis,

A great shot and great thoughts.

your "much older" brother
great photo!!!!

and great thoughts

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