Love is a Gift

Love is a gift.
Give it.
Take it.
Make it yours.

It is the true Season of love
when we know that
we alone can love
that no one could ever have loved before us
and that no one
will ever love in the same way
after us.
- Goethe

p.s. Happy Birthday Paramour NW


poefusion said…
Love is a wonderful gift to share with someone. Have a great night.
will said…
Love is also work, effort and needing constant attention. It is not to be taken for granted, ignored or handled as if it's always there.

It's also probably the rarest thing most people might have. And it probably is the greatest highlight of a lifetime.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

"Love is like bread

You have to make it every day"

Happy days
Anonymous said…
Hi. thanks for stopping by my blog.

I enjoyed lurking around in your blog. Very nice.
dear Meri:
i LOVE all of your pictures in advertising for a man, and the way you carried yourself on them, you look fabulosa!!!!
hugs to you sweet you!
beth said…
love really is an amazing thing when we stop to think about it and not take it for granted....

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