A New Friend

This weekend I took a little trip
to Whidbey Island for my cousin's wedding.
She got married (for the second time)
on Independence Day.

How's that for irony?

I stayed overnight in a little bed and breakfast
in Coupeville, Washington called The Blue Goose Inn
where I found a new friend.

He's a little flashier than the guys
I normally meet.


poefusion said…
Aw how sweet. He looks dapper in his black and yellow tuxedo. Have a great day.
Tess Kincaid said…
Aww. What a handsome guy!

Meri, you might like to read a post I did on the Sultana back in April. I had two ggg uncles who were killed in the blast.

ELK said…
great color filled friend ...i love birds1
JC said…
I've been getting 'them' this season ... pretty aren't they
Dutchbaby said…
I have a couple of close friends who live on Widbey Island. They love it there!
will said…
What's that expression about fair feathered friends?
Relyn Lawson said…
I do like a guy with confidence. He looks like he has some to spare.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

when I see a photo like this I am in awe - thinking about why nature requires this little fellow to be so bright and beautiful - isn't it amazing...

a great capture Meri,

Happy days
nice macro! Professional photography word for close-up which should be crystalline clear while the background is soft and muted. So there you go!

The Inn sounds quite good, too!

Meri, did you get my email?
Tracy said…
Your feather-friend is gorgeous, Meri...glad you had a great weekend! :o)
tweet tweet sweet sweet
oh how i love the gold finches. one has been visiting our neighbor this week. makes me so happy.

in indiana, they would visit the feeders all the time. so having one here, seeing one visiting you here, feels like a piece of (the best of) home...
georgia b. said…
he's beautiful! flashy is good. all the made birds are. :)

what a gorgeous photo—the colors are amazing!

did you paint that piece in the next post? it's beautiful!

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