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My Word!

Writing the title for this post "My Word!" made me smile. That was one of the phrases my Grandmother used to exclaim when she was flabbergasted. Another phrase was "Land's sake." Not sure what it meant, but she said it  every once in a while. It's taken some time, but I've chosen my word for 2015. I definitely can use a boatload of inspiration. What's your word for 2015?

Share the Joy: Hiatus

I have, as you might have noticed, been lying low. Everything in my life has revolved around getting settled in, arranging furniture. Putting things away. Getting used to and creating "home" in a new place. It just feels like some doors have closed and others are waiting to be opened. I have felt a longing to reconnect with my art-making, with my writing, because those things bring me a deep and abiding joy. Right now, however, blogging (which sometimes takes me away from "real writing") isn't high on my list of priorities. So though I think it's imperative to cultivate and notice joy (because where we put our focus is critical to what comes into our lives), I have decided to take a break from hosting Share the Joy. I may come back to it when I feel like it's time for company. But right now, it's time to nest and create the space I want to inhabit. . . . beautiful, serene, uncluttered, and cozy