Jack Benny stopped counting birthdays at 39.
Saying he was 39 got laughs. Forty wasn't as funny.

Age is a touchy subject. Now I'll only admit to being
"of a certain age." People can interpret that however they want.

But when I think back,
30 was magical, sensual, sultry, powerful.
40 entitled me to say, "I'm too old for this shit"
so it wasn't as bad as I'd feared, anticipating the big 4-0.

And I'd already had my 50th when I got carded
by a wait person who was really amazed
when she checked my ID and said, "No way!"

THAT, my friends, was a great day.
So yeah, I'm over 50 and still full of sass.

What was your favorite age?
What made that year so special?

Tell me about it.


will said…
I was 24 and love came and stayed.
larkspur said…
Have to admit, turning 56 this month has given me a whole new perspective on being a 'woman of a certain age'.
It becomes me...
beth said…
I'll be 45 in a few days...and I'm ready to take that challenge on and run with it....or dance !
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

At 20 I had already been married for a year and thought I could tackle the world

At 30 I had 3 kids and knew I knew little

At 40 I was bursting to learn more, be more, experience more

At 50 I had achieved most of my career goals and knew there was more than that to life

At 56 I know that I will only ever know very little and I am happy with that.
I am more concerned now with enjoying myself, my family and friends and getting to know myself as a content person

When I turn 57 soon I will be looking forward to a lifetime ahead of simple pleasures and lots of gratitude...

and chats with you...

Happy days
Anonymous said…
I am 42 now and each new year i add always ends up being one that i have loved and learned from. aging gracefully is what it is all about for me. kt
Anonymous said…
i loved being 25 the most - i was married, and we were travelling a lot, exploring the world. i think in my mind i still am 25 - eventhough i'll be turning 35 this month.
Tracy said…
Well, I'm approaching middle age, or am I middle aged? I'm 36...and I've been loving every moment of my 30's. While the number 40 is shaking me somewhat by it's sheer volume of szie, I'm also excited! Happy Days, Meri...keep up the good sass ;o)
Meri said…
It's hard to pick out an age that was the best of the best, as it turns out. There is such a melding of bitter and sweet in each and every year that comes. There are highlights of course, but often great sadness follows the brief spurts of joy. I just know that my knees want to be "18 til I die," and they dance every time Bryan Adams sings it. Unfortunately, that usually means I have to pop some Advil, because my left knee is actually 88.
ELK said…
great picture...wish I was younger...but I FEEL young...but knew what I knew now that I am older ahem ...wink!
poefusion said…
I can't believe you are over 50 Meri because you don't look it at all. You have aged really well.

I will turn 41 this October 21st. I don't mind growing old because I don't feel my age. I'm still youthful in my mind and sometimes my energies.
deb did it said…
26. gave birth. nuff said!
Relyn Lawson said…
Oh, I do love this post. I am turning 39 in September. And, not feeling very happy about it. At all. AT. ALL. This is the first birthday that has ever bothered me, so I have great hopes that I'll get over this soon.

Now I have to go read all you comments and learn from your friends.

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