Simple Things

I found out by reading Liz Elayne's blog
that Christina had a challenge for yesterday.

The challenge was to list simple things you love.

Oops. I'm late.

But I'll still play along.

colorful horses running in a circle on carousels

sipping chai while chatting with a friend

sassy haircuts

books so good you can't put them down

laughing until tears run down my cheeks

a fabulous photographic subject, perfect lighting
& camera in hand

the smell of books and popcorn

fresh flowers in crystal vases

hummingbirds at the feeder

my new ballerina flats

movies at Grand Cinema

great produce departments in fancy grocery stores

fluffy kittens

logging on and finding email from friends

remembering that this is the anniversary of
one of my dearest friends early enough to call her

Life's little pleasures.


christina said…
I absolutely love that you found out about the simple things and joined in.

Your list is just grand.

"laughing until tears run down my cheeks"
This is so utterly genuine, when it suddenly happens, and so much fun.
; )
Ps: I have added you to the list of blogs, honey.
Gigi Thibodeau said…
Sassy haircuts and ballerina flats! Yes. I love your list! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.
THat's a lovely list, Meri.
georgia b. said…
great list.
i have to join on this some time.
i see it all over, but have never done it.
i was added to the list once, but mine was not a true list.
i just had a bunch of pictures of daisies, so it was one thing.

i did get tagged to do a post where is list the small things that make me happy. maybe i'll just combine the two.

thanks for always responding when i have a question included in my comments. i still can't believe that photo is not a painting. it really could be. it would almost be fun to take the photo and recreate it on canvas.
poefusion said…
Better late than never, I say. I love the carousel picture and your list is a great one. I need one of those sassy haircuts for sure. Hope all is well.

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