Sometimes I Wonder

Over time, if we shoot authentically,
follow the leanings of our heart,
our body of work will become a silent testimony
to who we are and what we care about.
Our photographs will speak with a voice all their own,
uttering our essence to all who can hear.

- Jan Phillips (God is at Eye Level)

"About to Blossom" photograph copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

It's easy to follow my heart when I shoot photographs
but does following my heart lend a coherency to my "body of work?"
Is there some kind of essential Meri-ness
in my photos that speaks to you of me?

Do they tell you that deep in my being
I hope when you see my images the experience
brings you healing for wounds you might have ignored,
at least a moment of pleasure,
and an appreciation of the beauty all around you?

Do they tell you I wish for you to be moved,
that if I am lucky you will know a piece of the joy
ignited in me in the moment of capturing a beautiful image?

Do they offer you an entrance into a place of peace in your busy day?
I hope they do, for above all, I wish for you to know peace.

Sometimes, as I'm shooting,
and even more when I'm choosing which images to share,
I wonder about these things.


Meri, this one is easy. I feel everything that you shoot, create, and provide for viewing and hearing is from your desire to share joy, beauty, humor, connection,and understanding. And for that, Meri, we thank you.
Delwyn said…

I think that this choice of what we shoot and what we share happens more at some subliminal level...there's a sort of underground current that well springs and gurgles and gives rise to connections and interconnections and if we follow that instinctive drive of what is speaking to us, and what moves us whether it be joy, awe, wonder, pain, surprise, self understanding, self questioning, love... then we will merge with others on the same or similar trajectories...and there will be resonance...

and it will be good...

thank you Meri for sharing what you do well, both in imagery and in words...

Happy Days
Reya Mellicker said…
Your photos and words are beautiful, thank you for both.

Happy solstice, Meri. Sweet dreams of a midsummer's night to you.
poefusion said…
Hello Meri~ This is my favorite picture so far. I love the way this reminds me of a flower blooming beneath the sun. I definitely get pleasure and beauty from your photos because you take the time to look at things from a different perspective. Hope all is well. Have a great day.
Anonymous said…
your photos are always out of the ordinary. not everyday photos. your words are always thought provoking and philosophical at some level. i often come back to your posts to re-read :)

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