Choose Wisely

How do you see the world
and the events that you experience?

Do you see things in black and white?

Do you tell yourself stories that gird you
with certainty, make you invariably right
(even if they also make you miserable)?

Or do you see a million shades
of possibility?

Have you learned to spin stories
that enhance your compassion?

Does your personal narrative cause you
to loosen your grip on your gifts
so you can freely share them?

The choice is yours.
Choose wisely.


poefusion said…
Calming photo. I think your post gives one the opportunity to think how they see life. I also believe that everyone can see life in each step at different times depending on what their life entails at that moment. Thought provoking post. Have a great day.
beth said…
oh you said it !!!

choose wisely....gosh I say that to my son all the time...along with make good choices !!!
Susan Tuttle said…
a very thoughtful post for this rainy day. thank you:)
wonderful post and very good questions. hmmm, i think i need to print your words out to think about them some more.
MJ said…
Very thoughtful post!
Meri said…
All - I thank you for your comments. Yesterday I was out of sorts and had a choice to wallow and make myself miserable with a victim story or to reframe a certain situation and be more compassionate with myself and others. It was a choice and not one easily made, in fact. But it reminded me that I shape my world with my thoughts and that's a big responsibility. Choose wisely.
Jennifer said…
Meri, you so often write things to challenge me. I really appreciate your posts.
Delwyn said…
Compassion is a lovely different to sympathy...

Its a being with, walking alongside...

Thanks Meri for the thoughtful message...

Happy Days
Sherri B. said…
I am an optimistic spirit co-habitating with a pessimistic brain...and the battle is on! lol...the older I get, the prouder I am of my hopeful spirit for telling the cranky pessimist in me to go to hell on a regular basis. Your post is lovely food for thought. We truly are what we think!

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