Burn, Baby, Burn

When you walk across the fields
with your mind pure and holy,

then from all the stones,
and all growing things, and all animals,

the sparks of their souls come out
and cling to you and
they are purified
and become a holy fire in you.

- Hasidic saying

Let stones speak to you
when you lean up against them.
Deeply feel their warmth.

You are holy fire,
a spark of the divine One
so burn, baby, burn.

You are God's hands in the world.
What would you bring into being?
Who needs the loving touch that only you can give?


Reya Mellicker said…
Wow. This took me straight across the Atlantic to the stone circle at Avebury. I did lean into those stones, glued myself to them.

I love that place. Have you ever been?
MJ said…
I wish I could have gone to Stonehenge before they erected wire fencing to keep out people (which was by 1992).

Interesting post.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri
and it took me to King Herod's palace at the Dead Sea where I stood with my hands on the rock wall and soaked up history, high up on top of the plateau overlooking Jordan and wondered how many Jews and Roman soldiers had placed their hands here before me...

Happy Days
We are attracted to rocks. we and they are all of God's making. I have a native American prayer circle in a corner of my yard where I put all the rocks (well, stones) that speak to me on my walks. There's a bit of pink quartz thatI put in the northern-most part of my circle: supposed to be the spirit guide. I think one can also get energy from trees by standing in the middle of a circle of them.
Kat Mortensen said…
I like your blog, Meri. Your poetry is moving and powerful.

I am currently trying to get my act together and self-publish my own poems, but would consider contributing to your project.

I am following you as of now and would be pleased if you would consider following Invisible Keepsakes (and perhaps you might like "Blasts From the Past" as well).


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