Please Forgive Me

I'm begging your indulgence.
I just can't figure out what to post today.

My mind is buzzing with energy
from all the brainstorming
and emailing and writing
I've been doing on my book projects.

You might say I'm lit up with possibilities.
For writing and publishing books.

(Universe, thank you in advance for helping me manifest everything
I'll need in these ventures -- like an agent, a publisher, and a contract.)

I'm so fired up with thought flames
that I just can't focus
on a brilliant post for today.


poefusion said…
Your photo today reminds me of music sheets with musical notes written on them. Great shot. Sounds like someones been busy creating behind the scenes. Hope your ventures pay well. And, it's okay not to have something spectacular to say everyday. We understand. Have a great day.
beth said… there something we need to know...what are you working on ?
rebecca said…
so very visual haiku!

(take good notes, i am thrilled and repeating your mantra)

Are you sure that isn't a painting?! It just keeps getting better and better.
Anonymous said…
It happens. A solution is beside you or in the room. Almost always something you know about more than the reader is fodder for the canon.
ELK said…
this is a wonderful post full of visual magic and wondering....

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