Wild and Crazy

Lest you think the whole weekend of legal seminars
was a total bore, let me assure you
that lawyers can be wild and crazy.

But not me.

I'd had two Margaritas at the Applewood Grill
where we went for dinner, at least I think
that was the name of the place, but I'm not sure
especially since I consumed my year's ration
of alcohol in one sitting.

So at the hotel bar, I sipped a ladylike Diet Coke

(pictured in the foreground with the straws
looking psychedelic under the black light
above our table)

and got out the camera.

I started out using the flash
so the dancers were illuminated
(like Michele & Kim & Kara & Jeanine)

but if you're on the dance floor it's annoying
to have a flash going off from the sidelines,
so I started taking hand-held shots
using a "sunset" setting and no flash.

The results were colorful and blurry
and really pretty interesting
(or maybe it was the Margaritas
that made them seem interesting).

This is one of the early hand-held photos in the dark.

As the night wore on,
they got even more
wild and crazy.

The question is:
was it the lawyers or the photos
that got wilder and crazier?


Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

I like how it turned the girls into redheads...

were you ever one to kick off your shoes and get up and dance on an empty floor...

Happy Days
beth said…
great inside dark shots...really quite perfect and not always the easiest to get !!

and I laughed at your alcohol limits...I'm kind of a light weight myself when it comes to drinking and have to be very careful or my whole world looks like that last photo of yours and I laugh way too much at
everything !
ELK said…
i really enjoyed this Meri ~ fun through the lens!
HeartFire said…
I love the blurry one at the bottom, how fun!

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