The Dry Side

Oh dear.
I thought I had programmed things to print
while I was a way for a family law seminar,
but somehow I missed a post for yesterday.

So suffice to say,
like the bear I went over the mountain
to see what I could see
on what we Western Washingtonians call
The Dry Side.

Dry. Like this.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
during the day, I sat

and listened to lectures on domestic partnerships,
case law updates, managing a law practice in tough times,
and other (uh. . .) scintillating topics.

But in the evening. . .
well there was time for a little fun
and checking out touristy things,
like the faux-Bavarian village of Leavenworth.

It's surrounded by mountains,
like a village in the Alps.

And I'll try to post twice today
to make up for the glitch yesterday.


beth said…
if you did a post option post in blogger...that might be the problem, as it hasn't been working lately for me either :(
poefusion said…
That first picture looks really dry. I can't imagine things getting that far along here.
MJ said…
It was a deja vu reading this post! It is astonishing how much has changed here within 10 years ~ same sex marriages (resulting in divorce, support, matrimonial property, estate law changes!), recognition of matrimonial property for common law spouses (2 years plus common residency)! Plus procedural changes!
Is that Christmas in July? How odd! lol. But the twinkling lights make it pretty. Love the red bench!

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