Light and Shadow

Surely you've noticed by now
that the interplay of light and shadow
thrills me.

"Light Dance" - altered photograph copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian.

The dance of light and shadow
is a source of endless fascination,
can entertain me for hours
like a baby's hands, newly discovered.

Such simple joy,
so easily purchased.

What thrills you?
What makes your heart race
and steals your attention?


poefusion said…
Hello Meri, it's the simple things in life that amuse me the most. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Love the dark shadows inside that bright red. Have a nice day.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri
I think that you know...

Happy days my dear...
Yep. I noticed that about you. A good trait in an excellent photographer.
Deirdra Doan said…
Oh thanks so much for writing me...geez's it was out of context for me to see the Folk life...I just didn't totally get that it was you and I had people buying CD's.

I wish we could have talked some....

You are too funny...same name for 25 years..yes John has grounded me..I have lived in he same place thanks to me!!
lisa said…
I'm with you: color and light and shadow and energy...

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