I'm ready.
How about you?

Midsummer's Night in Paris is a huge party.


poefusion said…
Not in much of a partying mood tonight as we've had a busy day today. I'm glad to just be home and commenting here. Have a great night.

Don't stay out to late partying tonight. See ya~
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

when is the winter solstice?

I thought it was June 21?

are you celebrating with mid summer

Happy days
Well, I feel better informed now. Midsummer's Night Eve is actually the summer solstice (unless you're Delwyn in the southern hemisphere and it's the winter solstice) and this year it falls here on June 21; however, if you're on the west coast it's June 20. Am I getting somewhere? And New Orleans tends to celebrate a bit more than the French, but I can buy that that cafe en plein air is in Paris. And now to celebrate Father's Day!

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