This One's For the Girls

An old woman is never old

when it comes to
the dance she knows.
- Ibo proverb

Dancing is not rising to your feet painlessly
like a whirl of dust blown about by the wind.
Dancing is when you rise above both worlds,
tearing your heart to pieces
and giving up your soul.
- Rumi

Dance to loose your soul
and feel your body in all its glory.

Tango your way to passion.
Mambo your way to the heart of the matter.

Radiate light with your body
as there are more than enough shadows in the world.

Dance with the invisible force.
Dance as if your life depends on it.
Dance for all you're worth.

p.s. Sorry guys - this You-Tube's for the "girls"
but you can dance along as a show of support.


poefusion said…
Hello Meri~ I love to watch people who can dance really well as I love the movement of dance so much. It stirs the soul. Love that first picture of the older woman. And, the proverb above her pic. They seem to go hand in hand. Have a great day.
Relyn Lawson said…
You gotta love these women.

Makes me think of that line "You gotta dance like nobody's watchin'." Is there any other way to dance?
MJ said…
What beautiful photos of women dancing! I love the colours!

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