Generational Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
to all the fathers in my family.

My father (above)

My sons' father
(photo probably by Katie Caughlin Kremian)

Brendan (Logan's daddy)

Bob (Lise's husband and daddy to her four kiddos)
Jon, Lise's dad

John, my step-father

My "adopted" daughter Mishelle's husband Jack
(father of her three children)

Doug, my brother, who is also my nephew Cooper's dad

and finally, my brother Norm

father of

Dora Jean and Flojo

Hana and Kerry Ann

Maggie Mae and Punkus Cattus.

Hope I didn't miss any of my feline nieces.
(Kitty photos copyright Norm Arnett.)

And Gavin --
don't be in a rush to join the Father's Day parade.
Be the bird-dad for a LONG time.
Those two conures are plenty of responsibility.


I don't want to be intrusive, but I was really moved to see the lovely tribute you've made to all the Dads in your family. (Do I see red hair in every generation?) Norm seems to have his hands the fullest! But the kitties all look like loves. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers!
poefusion said…
Meri this is a great tribute to fathers. And, I have to say you and your brother look a lot alike. Happy Father's Day to all these fine young men. Have a great night.
beth said…
what a great tribute to many men...lucky you, lucky them !
Wendy said…
Happy Father's Day!
Anonymous said…
how wonderful to have all generations sharing together.
Yep...a perfect tribute.
Wonderful "Fathers" pics! And thanks for the link to my blog...

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