Hot Flash

A hot day probably isn't the best choice of days
for hanging out in the hot shop at the Museum of Glass.

Believe me, it's aptly named.

Like a hot flash that just won't end.
(and anyone who calls them "power surges" is just silly)

But it's so fun to watch artists create works of glass art
right before your eyes.


JC said…
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JC said…
I went there ... three years ago I think ... they were making big petals for a flower.

Cool place

Did you walk the sky walk thingy

Chiholi has stuff there .. and a display in the court house too

( I miss spell his name couldn't have that sit on your blog all day ... could I )
Bee said…
Gorgeous glowing vases!
I love visiting the guys at the local glass studio....
poefusion said…
What an interesting place to visit. I can only imagine how stifling hot it was though. Love the artwork featured in that last picture.

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