Reflections (Self Portrait Wednesday)

I thank Misty Mawn
for prodding us all to capture
self-portraits on a regular basis.

It's a challenging assignment on so many levels -
how to accomplish it technically,
how to manage issues of body image and self-consciousness,
not wanting to open yourself up too much to others,
wanting to cast yourself in the best light.

I've come to love the "reflected self" self-portraits
because they offer a handy dandy way to deal with those issues.
Besides, the reflected images have an enigmatic quality
and my corporeal self has an air of lightness,
at least that's what I think.

The truth of it is, however,
that every moment of our lives
we're creating a self-portrait.

how we use our time

the choices we make when no option is ideal

whether we celebrate or shun our gifts

if we demonstrate kindness and compassion consistently

whether we're open to new experience or sadly shut down

the trail our words leave behind us

the images we choose to capture and share in our blogs

whether we're really present or absent from our own lives

These things all show others
our fullness of self
in a way a millisecond click of the shutter
can never accomplish.


Meri said…
Hey everyone - I'm really sorry if this post shows up with teensy-tiny typeface. I've edited the html about a dozen times and it shows it's posting at normal (100%) size. I preview it -- looks right. Then when I post it and check the post, it's small even thought the html code says its not. I give up. . . unless someone can figure this out.
rebecca said…
i love these glimpses into Y O U!!!

finally i had to join in and reveal myself..
come peek..
Ooop! There you are! And there you are again! Like a mystical being floating around reflections. I love it.
Colette said…
I'm loving' these reflections Meri. So fleeting and transporting, ephemeral, yet real.
Spiritual, kinda.



Come peek at my beach sp.
poefusion said…
I love these reflective views of you. They're great. They can reveal so much of our inner spirit without us realizing. Have a great day.

PS. I got your email and I will be responding as soon as I can put my thoughts together. And, finish making my comment rounds. Commenting keeps me on my toes lately.
deb did it said… continue to amaze and awe me. Love reflections, but your writings....damn...write a book sista!
mistymawn said…
i love your reflected portraits and your words to go with them, so very true!!!!
so happy you are posting sp regularly!
sam brightwell said…
Meri, I love your self-portraits so so much, and your wonderful reflections on the process. This is beautiful. The idea of the lightness of the reflected you .... perfect.

And, you've been getting me thinking over the last few weeks, about self-portraits of my own. So I've posted some today ~ I hope you will come and have a look:

Bright Blessings, Soul Sister.
Kim Mailhot said…
love your air of lightness in all your selves...your words were a beautiful portrait too, and so very true...
rebecca said…
your words are like a prayer flag waving in my heart.
bright, loving fluttering reminders to be present.

Anonymous said…
These are wonderful self-portraits. And I love what you're saying about us being in a perpetual state of creating a self portrait as we live our each and every moment. Keeping that in mind would make a wonderful exercise for practicing being fully present in the moment...approaching things like an artist focused on creating a beautiful work of art.
MJ said…
Great post, Meri! I liked the self-portrait photos; you are correct, you remain somewhat enigmatic! Perhaps you should change your blog's name to Mystical Meri?

I was also impressed about your comment about font. I'm impressed by anyone who putters in HTML!
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri
as to the font:
I have had that happen a few times and so I have just upped the size to the next level to compensate... I couldn't work out why it occurred either....

These portraits show a different you today, a little elusive...
but your words show your thoughtful
insightful self...

Happy Days
Lowell said…
I'm impressed, Meri! Wonderful and meaningful musings...
Sherri B. said…
You caught me at a vulnerable moment...I was so moved by the beauty of your post that it made me tear up. Not in a bad way, but in a good way that makes me realize how precious life is, and how valuable we AND our time on this earth express yourself in a way that connects so well with others! Thank you for sharing "YOU" in this blog world. I appreciate it so much.
Lowell said…
Hi again, just came to me that you might enjoy by poetry blog, Creative

Have a great day!

Don't know what to tell you about the html code...
I think I'll have to join this group, as one of my promises to myself when I turned 50 was to do self-portraits all year long...

Nice shot!
Meri said…
So -- a self-portrait every day! That's too ambitious. . . one a week is all I can handle (though I am taking pictures with me reflected every time the opportunity presents itself). It certainly is a psychic challenge to focus on one's self instead of turning the camera outward into the world.

Everyone else:
I've tried to answer you individually. Hope I haven't missed anyone. Thanks for the support - self portraits are a challenge.
Bee said…
Blog as self-portrait . . . yes, that makes sense.

I love your list; I may just print it out and keep it as a meditation.

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