Sacred Commons

a coming together
for sacred community

lessons about inevitable change
and healing, living with intention,
beginnings and endings
love and

a reminder that
stories we tell ourselves
to frame our experience
become our experience,
narrow our possibilities
and hamper our flexibility

celtic melodies
fly straight to the heart

sacred turnings
whispers of the divine
witnesses to the yearnings of our souls

little altars everywhere


deb did it said…
ah, what a calming post to come to in a busy hurried week I am loving....nice to BE STILL for one moment to read you.
poefusion said…
There's something soothing about that first photo, the second (prayer flags) and your words. Nice to take it all in. Have a nice night.
beth said…
are those prayer flags ?
I love them !!
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri
I love your Buddha photo...he is so serene..

Happy Days
A.Smith said…
Hello Meri,

Thank you for the note, you are very dear. Tomorrow we will be moving our QuanYin meditation garden to Her new spot. We will hang the new prayer flags and I will write a wish for you to be brought by the wind to fulfillment. Blessings and warmth in this rather un-summery day...
rebecca said…
thank you...
for brightening my moment...beginning my day..

in the beauty of your little altars and words of love.
Meri said…
Sacred Commons is a group of people who gather monthly in spiritual community for song, sharing, sacred teachings, communing silently with nature in the woods or meadow, offerings of food to nourish body and soul. All images were captured on the luscious acreage where the community meets right after the celebration. Out of respect for member privacy, I have captured soul impressions devoid of images of the people who gather.
ELK said…
you posted some special moments ...thank you for sharing these...elk
Janet said…
Ahh . . . found it! so peaceful and safe. let me know when again you go and i'll be there too in spirit.

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