Self-Portrait Wednesday: The Center of The Universe

I invested my day yesterday in a photo excursion.

Started to say I "spent" yesterday in a photo excursion,
but the word spent implies depletion rather than enhancement.

I was definitely enriched by the choice,
in a number of ways both expected and unexpected
so I decided that I had actually invested my time photographing.

You'll be seeing some of the photos from that shoot
from time to time but I'm only posting one here today.

This image counts as my self-portrait this week.

No, I'm not going to muse about distortions
(although I think I look as round as a rubber ball).

What struck me when I looked at this image is the thought,
"I look like I'm at the center of the universe."

Well, a small universe perhaps
or even just a tiny little solar system,
but at the center indeed.

What an odd place to be.

All my adult life,
I made my (former) husband and my children
the center of my universe,
fitting my passions and work around them.

But they all went off and found new lives and left me alone,
with an absence of heavenly bodies around which to orbit.

So I have to accept the responsibility
of being the Sun in my little universe
and shining my own light
instead of being someone else's moon
and reflecting back his light.


JC said…
I'm with you there ..
My Husband and kids are gone most of the time
I live in my own world

My youngest is 16 now so I decided to start writing ... again.

I do enjoy being with my 3 humans that share my house but basically I love my time with my pets and nature more.

I'm a silly ...
Bee said…
I'm mystified by you created this cool self-portrait, Meri! You are SO clever! In many ways, I am envious of your ability to be at the center of your own universe.

Very true about the "spent" thing. I always notice connotations of words, too.
beth said…
I'm so glad you can see that it's your time now to shine !
julochka said…
i love that...invested rather than spent. what an excellent way to think of things. :-)
Meri said…
Ok - it was a no-brainer. At the periphery of the athletic fields at my youngest son's old pre-K through high school, there is a granite pyramid with a shiny metal sphere on the top. It's just a simple point-and-click. No mystery there. You've just got to find the right reflective surface. The "fisheye lens" effect comes from the spherical object reflecting. Kind of a funhouse effect, don't you think?

Beth - Yes my time to shine. Yesterday I was shining so brightly on my photo shoot that I attracted my own guide at a local park. . . a probably homeless disabled vet who spends his afternoons in the park with a few too many beers. He saw me taking pictures and wanted to show me his favorite places in the park.

And Julie, I guess it's the curse of being both a bit of an introvert by temperament, an English major as an undergraduate, and a lawyer by professional training. Words have such nuances!
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri,

you have worked the Meri magic again...

I don't mind 'spend' and its connotations because it sounds as if you got your money's worth!

Do you know that saying

yesterday is a cancelled cheque
tomorrow is a promissory note
today is all you have - spend it like crazy...

Goon on you for realigning the universe...

Happy Days
Delwyn said…
that ,

of course,

is good on you...
Where do you FIND these great shots! Wonderful wonderful.
rebecca said…
there is a strong attraction..
to one who is willing to reveal.
you have taken us in
with image...and language.

thank you
sam brightwell said…
Meri, I'm a bit speechless ~
You're self-portraits and accompanying reflections are always so thought-provoking, inspiring ... split my heart open like a juicy orange, leaving me with sticky hands and fresh zesty-delight. Do I see the task of peeling pith away, or just the fruit inside to be enjoyed? I'm rambling now ... too much sun gone to my head already!

Yes, to invested instead of spent. I want to hang onto that thought and work with it. Enriched, instead of depleted ~ yes, yes, yes.

Yes, to being your own Sun instead of someone else's moon.

I feel the absence of heavenly bodies (so perfectly put) to orbit around at times, and stretch out my hand to you in my aloneness too. Let's journey awhile together.

Love & Blessings.
deb did it said…
Oh Meri, not only is this a very cool photo, but what an amazing revelation of your new solar system. I love to read you, and this one sent me into orbit! ~ he he~ seriously, there is much satisfaction becoming your very own Sun, your center, your force. YOU GO GIRL!

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