Haven't done a color theme post for a while.
But orange keeps cropping up in my recent photos.

Maybe because it seems like a summery color
and it's summer here.

Sweet, messy, fragrant oranges.

Orange Monarch tulips, now only a memory,
but worth planting for next year.

The sheen of glass.

An armful of marigolds.

Who could forget that orange classic -- pumpkins!
Those jack o'lanterns just waiting for their faces.

More of the glass that never fails to command my attention.

More oranges and peaches, as well.
(Those peaches must not be from around here,
as our peaches aren't in season yet.)

One of my favorite times of the year
is when peaches are ripe.

My favorite grocery store has an event called
With lots of free samples.
Peaches so juicy, fragrant and delectable
they put oranges to shame.

Only buy a few at a time
and leave them in a paper bag at room temperature
no more than a day or two.
Then slice and enjoy.


beth said…
love that you love orange...
and today I spent hours with someone who loves orange....

but that's a secret until tuesday :)
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri

When I was young I quite a thing about orange - even had an orange shower and toilet in the first home we built much to MinL's horror.... My Min L one day told me orange was a hideous colour and then gave me a little orange tea pot because she knew I was fond of the colour...

I think I have mellowed a little but orange in the natural world I still find bracing...

Tell me do you make pumpkin soup? My Hawaiian friends were very much taken by my pumpkin soup when they lived down here...

Your orange post is full of cheer...lovely.
I think that you have missed a treat at my Bootitis post...
and the word below says that you are a matician - close!

Happy Days
Tracy said…
So juicy, fresh and delicious...mmm...Happy Day, Meri :o)
Anonymous said…
its amazing how much colour we tnotice all around us, when we are really looking. i have to say though, i have nevere taken a liking to orange :)
poefusion said…
Those oranges are making my want some orange juice. After I finish commenting I'm going to get me a glass. Hope all is well. Have a great night.
ELK said…
so artistic and varied orange images...i like color posts but never can seem to do them well..YOU do!
Janet said…
Oooh! on my way to find your June post on the retreat center. had to stop here. i love the color orange!! love it!

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