Sometimes Things Aren't What They Seem

Sometimes things aren't what they seem.

We settle in somewhere,
thinking it's going to be safe and hospitable
and just what we hoped for,
a magical haven that provides us shelter from harm.

Then reality sets in and we realize that we were mistaken.

That soft place to land
turns out to be

quite a bit less soft than we'd anticipated.

In fact sometimes things get downright hard
and cold and unforgiving.
Not at all what we expected.

Do we stay and make the best of it

or fly away to build a new nest
somewhere else?

Sometimes the most valuable lessons
come from learning to see the beauty
right in front of your eyes.

Sometimes we bloom most gloriously
when we learn to thrive
just where we are
and come to love
just what we have.

Maybe each of us is exactly where we need to be,
learning lessons custom-made for us.


Lynne said…
Oh Meri
You put into words exactly what I am feeling today! We applied for the US Diversity green card, and today was the day when they announced the successful 50 000! And we weren't among them, so I really need to bind up those itchy feet and "come to love just what I have". For now, at least!
Thanks for all your encouragement on my blog, as well as in yours!
beth said…
beautifully said...
i can't imagine being anywhere else right this minute...well, okay...maybe in my husband's arms...but you know what I mean !
poefusion said…
A hint to the underlying patience needed to stay grounded and learn from what is given/ shared. Excellent post Meri~ Love those pics too.
That is odd--trees that are not trees--even the crow isn't exactly sure. interesting.
I find I have a need to be loved almost as much as I need to love. Once I feel that, I accept everything that comes my way.
Meri said…
Lynne, I'm happy my words spoke to you. Sometimes I'm moved to write things that I suspect are meant for certain people, but I'm never sure.
Beth - I know for sure that you're exactly where you should be, even during this temporary apartness.

Michelle - yes, it's all about grounding and understanding that everything that comes into our lives brings a lesson.

Margaret - I was thinking when I saw that sculpture that perhaps that crow (raven?) might not be safe there in an electrical storm. I'd think that metal tree would be a lightning rod -- that'd tingle his toes. And yes, the experience of loving and being loved is transformative.
Delwyn said…
Hi Meri
your crow looks perfectly compatible in that metallic tree - with his harsh brash call...

To love what we have...
is a life long lesson...
Tracy said…
Wonderfully put, Meri! The moment now is all we have and can build on. Loving the now is a secret ingredient to a joyful life, I believe. Thanks for sharing you wise thoughts and musings. :O)
Anonymous said…
today i'm not particularly happy with where i am right now. but i can't seem to think of anywhere better either... if that makes any sense.
hey, i know that sculpture tree! :)
ELK said…
that is both an amazing poem AND the pictures got me...loved my visit here as usual Mei, I am so glad I came!
Relyn Lawson said…

This is a perfect post. So full of wisdom. And, the images make the metaphor sizzle in the brain.

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