Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Note to Myself No. 8

So many of us grew up absorbing messages that said

don't shine

don't brag

deflect compliments or everyone will think
you're conceited

I know I did.

And it doesn't serve me well to hold those injunctions.

Shining is part of our purpose.
By shining, we increase the light in the world
and that's a good thing.

Bragging, according to the dictionary,
means to say something in a boastful manner.
I usually associate it with playground one-upsman-ship.
But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't claim credit
for our accomplishments
and our creations.

And as for deflecting compliments. . . 
well, that's an insult to the judgment
of the person giving the compliment.

If you haven't learned to receive compliments
with genuine enthusiasm,
at least remember to say "thank you"
and then bite your tongue.


ellen abbott said...

so true Meri. my mother always told me to let the boys win when we played games. I never did. and my husband, I have had to teach him to just say thank you when I give him a compliment.

foxysue said...

Well said star-shine! x

cyndee starr said...

something i read recently said what you say to your children will become their inner voice. i hadn't thought about it like that, but the negative thoughts are what i was told as a child i realize now it's my mothers voice i'm hearing. you nailed it. we don't have to be boastful and brag but we can own our accomplishments and be proud of it.

Kim Mailhot said...

Shine on, Brilliant One !