Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Note to Myself No. 2

When I'm cold or frazzled,
feeling a hint of a cold coming on,
or just plain want a moment to center myself
and reflect,
tea always hits the spot.

The two drawers beneath the spoons and forks
are filled with tea cans with an assortment
of teas for every mood.

My bookshelves are lined with books for every mood.
Memoirs, cookbooks, coaching theory, psychology,
novels, gardening, poetry, family-law related tomes, 
books about writing (I've finally graduated
to actually writing, instead of just reading about writing.
books that my friends have published,
books featuring the works of my favorite artists,
how-to books explaining art techniques that interest me,
photography exemplars and technical info galore.

I'm usually reading more than one book at a time
or, if not actually moving between books,
have a pile of unread or partially read books
close to me, just in case I wrap something up.

In case you haven't guessed,
my emergency kit contains a stash of books
along with food and water.
Being without something to read
IS an emergency in my book.

I'm weird that way.


Stephanie said...

Love your 'Notes to self'!

I spent the first day of 2013..and I mean ALL day, curled up with cups of tea reading 'Night Circus'.


here's to all the you manifest in 2013!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Your list of books sound like the books I have on my shelf. I have lots of books about writing, psychology and self-help books, personal finance books, leadership books, astrology books, sex books, paranormal and a few novels of suspence and romance. I love books. Oh, and I have many cook books as well. I too, usually am reading two books at once and have several have read books lying around. Although, I have read anything lately. I am currently listening to an audio book called the Snowman about a serial killer. Happy New Year to you and thanks for the electronic New Year Card. I played that darn game for hours. :)

~JarieLyn~ said...

That's supposed to be several HALF read books.