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Share the Joy: Little Things

It was JOYFUL to spend a day with Wise Women.

To work some more on my book-in-progress. (ok - maybe with slightly different tools)

To take camera in hand and snap away,
seeing the future in a crystal globe

finding unexpected joy in street art

Looking through the lens of the past to see Venice through first-time eyes, holding the hands of the one I loved.

What gave you JOY this week?
To play along and share YOUR joy


Yesterday morning the sky looked like this

an auspicious beginning to a day devoted to a Wise Woman retreat.
Here are some memories of the day.

So how did you invest your day? 

Share the Joy: Giving Thanks

This week, I’m giving THANKS for these things that filled me with JOY.
Being reminded of the Day of the Dead trip

with Rebecca, Deb, Stephanie and Dawn (and assorted others)

because of the Mexican Folk Art Exhibit

at Tacoma Art Museum.

Anticipating seeing the new George Clooney movie.
Not much can top spending the afternoon with George
and his molten chocolate eyes!

Knowing that I’ll get to peek in on all of you and SHARE THE JOY that’s come flooding into your lives this week.
What’s been filling your cup of JOY? To play along and share YOUR joy


With Thanksgiving coming up in a big, fat hurry and Black Friday with its crazy “get up early” sales following right on its heels, I humbly offer a gentler way to choose a gift that might speak to the heart.
My photography sales site,

is now open for business.

You can choose the size, the finish, and whether you’d prefer paper or canvas. Some size choices may require cropping at checkout, but you even get to make your own cropping choices.
Each image is sent to BayPhoto, a highly regarded Professional photo lab, for printing. Then it’s packaged and shipped directly to you.
I’d be honored if you’d take a look. If something touches you, all the better!

Share the Joy: Small Packages

What gave me JOY this week?

The arrival of baby Brooklyn  (apple of my dear friend Gail's eye)  who was (as promised) a girl, so all those fancy little outfits her mommy got at the baby shower will work just fine.

Autumn leaves that aren’t ready to let go.

Mist over the pond in the early morning.

The thoughtful beauty of Noelle’s posts. Seeing Deb (and Matt) get dolled up at a Mary Kay party. Thinking about Rebecca’s grace and courage.

Knowing that I’ll get to peek in on all of you and SHARE THE JOY that’s come flooding into your lives this week.
What’s been filling your cup of JOY? To play along and share YOUR joy

1. do a post that tells and shows us what gives you joy.
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Blessings for Joe Spado

Dear Joe:
May the arms of the earth wrap around you and shelter you from harm.

May love ooze up from the cracks And moisten your broken places.

May the passage of time heal your wounds.
And in the words of John O’Donohue,
May you be blessed in the holy names of those Who, without you knowing it, Help to carry and lighten your pain.

My thoughts are with you, friend. Heal well!

(I'm linking this with Rebecca's Circle of Love for Spadoman)

Sunshine Girl

It always amazes me how impacted I am by the weather.
Give me a string of grey rainy days and I just want To curl up in bed with a stack of books

until the sun breaks through the clouds again. (I've read the Stieg Larsson trilogy and Finding Nouf, but the others await.)

This morning, I woke to find frost on the grass and brilliant blue skies.
A lot of leaves are still holding on despite a windy night a couple of days ago, so there’s a glut of color.

I’m bursting with energy, but it won’t last. The weather forecasters even mentioned the dreaded S word last night.
So Snow, if you're listening, flurry away in the Cascades and Olympics.
but if you have to visit us in the lowlands, could you please be polite and fall only on the grass.

Share the Joy (A Day Late)

Somewhere along the line, I’ve misplaced a day. I realized last night about 10 o’clock that it was Wednesday (duh!) and I’d forgotten to Share the Joy.

I’d been loading up photos on,

feeling lots of JOY about places I’ve been

and things I’ve experienced.

And I've felt a profound feeling of gratitude.

What’s been filling your cup of JOY? To play along and share YOUR joy