Saturday, January 12, 2013

Note to Myself No. 12

This one can be really challenging
for smart people with a gift for analyzing.

You know something deep in your gut
without knowing how you know exactly

and then your rational mind
takes over and says,
"Well, there's no proof of that."

even more damning

"You're just making that up."

And so, all too often, 
the rational wrong
wins over the intuitive right.

If you're finding it hard to
trust your inner wisdom,
the whispers of your intuitive self,
start small.

Act as if the voice or knowing
makes perfect sense
and test it out
on some small thing like. . .
choice of routes to where you're going
and see what synchronicities develop.

Or perhaps you can learn,
as I did,
by negative implication.

Once I started paying attention to --
but not always following the wisdom of --
my Higher Self,
I quickly learned
I always end up in a traffic mess 
if I ignore the inner urging
"Drive through town"
and get on the highway.

My rational self would always argue
"But the highway is quicker."
"There won't be any traffic this time of day."

My argumentative brain
was always wrong.

Learn to trust the wisdom source.
It opens up so many things
you scarcely imagined.


foxysue said...

I'm so loving your notes to self and everyone else. x

Serena said...

Oh so true dat! I have learned this very well in the last few years, by negative implication, as well. And it drove the point home so now I will no longer ever doubt my intuition, my instinct's promptings. That is the beautiful gift from all of the turmoil. And what a welcome gift!

Zena said...

I am loving your notes to yourself... so clever, wise and funny, really lovely