Saturday, January 19, 2013

Note to Myself No. 19

I'm a mild introvert,
which means that I prefer to process my thoughts
before I speak them aloud
and that I recharge my emotional batteries
by spending time alone.

(In fact, if you're familiar with Myers-Briggs 
Type Indicators, I'm an INFP:
Introverted (mild)
Intuitive (extreme)
Feeling (barely a preference)
and a Perceiver (meaning I am more
enthralled with process than concerned about
closure, though I have learned to function
like a "J" when it's expedient). 

In new situations, 
I have a tendency to hang back and observe
until I get the lay of the land
and figure out the dynamics of the situation.

By contrast, extroverts process their thoughts
by verbalizing and in group situations,
they jump right in. Speak right up.
And get energized by crowds.

As an introvert,
I have to push myself to be bold. . .
to express myself and my position
calmly and with precision
and to not be overrun by those E's
who just love to take the floor
and stay there.

Which are you?

p.s. If you want a quick test to figure out
what type you are, go to

I just took the mini test and came out
ENFP. . .
I must be feeling more gregarious than normal.

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