Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Is Anyone Out There?

I've noticed, as I age,
that women past their forties
become more or less invisible
(unless they're a Christie Brinkley
or other beautiful former super model
who hasn't gained an ounce of weight),
at least in American culture.

Many men of a certain age
 seem to be drawn to women
who are,
shall we say delicately,
not age appropriate. . . .
twenty, even thirty years younger
than they are.
But for the most part,
younger men would never think of dating a woman
twenty years older
even ten years older than they are
unless there was a financial benefit involved.
(And yes. . .  I know that Keanu Reeves lusted after
Diane Keaton -- who pined after Jack Nicholson -- 
but that, my friends, was a movie after all.)

I've felt invisible for a long time
out in the world,
no longer a magnet for mens' glances.
It's a relief in some ways. . . 
not having to be fetching all the time
in order to comport with the way men
think I should be.

I have to admit, though,
that I'm feeling invisible in the blogosphere
as well. . . 
wondering if anybody reads my posts anymore
or cares whether I have something to say.

Have blog posts lost their allure?
Does Facebook replace it?

Am I both invisible and mute?

There are more productive ways 
to spend time, after all.

Making art.
Writing short stories.
Cooking gourmet dinners.
Doing a load of laundry.

If a tree falls in the forest
and no one is within miles,
does it make a sound?