Note to Myself No. 4

It's all too easy to become jaded and cynical,
especially if you allow yourself to be bombarded
by constant bad news cycles from major media outlets.

To preserve your sense of wonder

watch a meteor shower

walk at the seam between the ocean and the land 
to breathe in the salt air and let yourself
feel the pounding majesty of the ocean

be amazed by floating green orbs in Ireland
and listen to your inner wisdom tell you
they're called fairy lights

get still enough to hear stones sing 
a galactic OM

watch a baby being born

wait for a hummingbird to dip and soar
outside your window
or the eagle to fly by on his way to the pond

laugh with gusto
cry with abandon
just because

commune with trees and imagine your roots
intermingled with theirs

trace the spiral patterns carved
in ancient rocks by your ancestors
and own your inner shaman

fall in love

try to mix paint in the exact colors of a sunset

meditate in a sacred space
where the energy positively sizzles

The list grows long.
What would you add?


Stephanie said…
again...brilliant these notes of life's' little reminders.

Dawn Elliott said…
Yours is already and awesome list, but I would need to add...enjoy what you already have instead of always needing more...among other things. Great post, Meri!
carol l mckenna said…
Wonderful post and your creation is fantastic with a wonderful message ~ very creative and colorful ^_^
Lea said…
visiting you! That's what I would add to this fabulous list! Loved the beautiful haiku that you just left for me... thank you Meri!

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