Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Note to Myself No. 22

Our lives are full of stories.
Sometimes we underestimate the value 
of our every day experiences.

 Each day brings decision points.

What we make of our situations,
how we handle the challenges,
what we think about what has happened
creates the story.

Often, we're so busy living the story
that we don't stop to think about
how we're shaping the narratives
or what value our lived wisdom
might have for others.

As for me,
I'm totally convinced
that the sole function of online dating sites
is to create new characters and scenes
to write about.

I can either laugh or cry, 
some of the dates have been so bizarre.
Mostly I just put the super-ridiculous situations
into words and before you know it,
there's a point to the anecdote
and the makings of a new chapter.

I AM a dating success.

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