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Postcards from Paradise: Play

Postcards from Paradise
I don't know why these moments

caught my attention

or why I wanted to alter reality.

But play is my paradise. . . .

and so is this post by Lisa
at Curious Girl 
and this post by Noelle
at The Angels Wear Fins 

that I hope will inspire you
because we create paradise right here,
right now
when we act with intent
to touch the lives of others with love.

what's paradise for you?


I'm a bit surprised by an email I got yesterday.
This photo was jury-selected for a show

put together by photographer Peter Serko that runs 
August 7 - Jan 8, 2012 at the Museum of Glass.
I've been invited to the opening on August 13, along with others whose works will be featured.
Been to lots of openings, but never as someone with work in the show.
A new experience. . . 

Share the Joy Thursday: Bubble Gum Wall

Time for some more JOY. . .
for me, it was finally finding the bubble gum wall at the Pike Place Market.

And there were a few layered posters along the way that also made me smile.

An "I know Jack Shit" t-shirt that I thought was much funnier than the Rat Man one (even if Rat Man did have boobs).

Some crunchy dill pickle spears.

Loaves of fresh-baked bread.

You know -- the usual stuff -- but things that made me smile and say, "That makes my day!"
What gives you JOY?
To play along and share the joy:

Postcards from Paradise: Unique

Paradise is the place within

where we know joy and gratitude.

Where we know our own magnificence

and the power of our dreams.

Where we awaken to our unique genius

and authenticity

and feel free -- no, compelled -- to express it,

no matter what others think.

Postcards from Paradise.

Share the Joy Thursday: Garden Beauty

Today's walk in my garden provided me with abundant

because the lilies -- both day lilies and the other kind --

were putting on a show.

I also discovered that my Columbines have produced massive amounts of seeds, so if you want to grow a crop (they'll self-seed year after year if they're suited to your climate), drop me a note at my email and send me your address. I'll pop some seeds in an envelope and send them to you.

Oh yes -- I'm doing a happy dance and got some

because my repeat mammogram was perfectly fine, so thanks for holding health energy for me and saying a few prayers.

What says JOY to you this week? To play along and share the joy:

1. do a post that tells and shows us  wha

Lead Us (Not) Into Temptation. . .

"Oh mischief, thou are swift to enter in the thoughts of desperate men." - W. Shakespeare

Told you I scored at the Arts and Crafts Fair. It's a spirit house.

I just couldn't resist the temptation.

* * * * * *
p.s. In case you're wondering where the "men" went, well. . . . I'm still looking.

Postcards from Paradise: Arts and Crafts

Though the day was looking drippy and drizzly I ventured off to see the offerings at the Farmer's Market

and the artist wares at the Gig Harbor Arts and Crafts Festival, an annual event sponsored by Peninsula Art League.
By the time I'd bought sweet peas and bread

at the Farmer's Market and headed down toward the harbor to the Festival,

the clouds decided to behave so the wander was dry.
And colorful.


Full of browsers. . . .

Fun seekers

and adorable pups.

It was also productive. . . . 
But more about that later.
Postcards from Paradise.

Haiku My Heart: Foxglove

This week's Haiku My Heart offerings can be found at Rebecca's place.

foxglove stands proudly tapping toes with summer's beat no stately matron 

One of Those Days

Do you ever wish to be held gently in strong hands and tenderly led through the shoals of doubt and fear?

Today's one of those days for me.
I just need to focus and listen for that little voice inside me that provides me with guidance if I'm patient enough.

Share the Joy Thursday: For Joy

For joy, for joy. . . .
I spy

artful faded posters that have been exposed

a bin full of stars

plaster pieces BEFORE I got too heavy-handed  with the sanding block (oops!)

intricate rusty iron gates

odd assortments of shapes and textures.

What says JOY to you this week? To play along and share the joy:

Limits and Imaginary Lines

If you want a power statement to live out loud, try this one out:

From this hour I ordain myself loosed of limits and imaginary lines.
- Walt Whitman