Friday, January 18, 2013

Note to Myself No. 18

One of the things we did in coach training
was to create what I call "essence statements."
Descriptions of who we are
at our essence.

We did two, actually.
One for who we are personally
and the second for who we are as coaches.

The personal one I did morphed over time.
The first version had phrases from colleagues
and some of them just didn't wear well.

But, as it finally evolved,
it went like this:
I am God's magic on display; mystic beloved;
intrepid creative explorer; 
seer, sage and storyteller; and
midwife of meaningful change.

When we got to the
"who am I as coach?" portion 
of the training, the new statement read:
I am soul healer, dream weaver, life artist,
joy activator and midwife of meaningful change.

Somewhere in the midst of the words
is the essence of who I am.

who are you?

Can you put it into words?

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Fallingladies said...

This will take some thought, but i love the descriptions you ended up with!