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Sidling Up to Day of the Dead

It’s Halloween so Dia de los Muertos can’t be far behind.
The thought of Day of the Dead brings back so many colorful memories.
Of lovers. . . 

beauties with their marigold bundles

women making mischief

folk art expressions of gratitude

a boy with sad eyes in clown makeup

and so much more. . . .
More tomorrow.

The Boundary Between

There are places where the boundary between seen and unseen is thin.

They're most often places where ancient peoples gathered to celebrate religious rites

with purity of intention so powerful that the ancient sites seem to have brought

the imprint of holiness into the stones and soil,  the walls and ceilings of temples standing in place for millennia.

In these places I’m acutely conscious of carrying the DNA imprint of my ancestors,

of bringing them with me on my journey.

Whispering to them, were you here? Are you with me now?

Is it your presence I feel in this holy place?

Is it your hard-won wisdom that burbles up and lodges in my being?  

Share the Joy: Color


Haiku My Heart: Come Fly

Haiku My Heart

I hear her calling come play with me, dance with wings high above the earth

Share the Joy: Memoirs and Goldfinches

Hey Everyone – it’s time for a little exercise Let’s jump for JOY!

This week I’m feeling joy and gratitude for The memoir class I’m taking. It’s really opening possibilities.

I’m joyful that so many of you are willing to be profiled For’s Fascinating Women series. Thanks, Deb!  Visit her blog too.

and check Queen of Art Kim's article on being loved because it gives me lots of JOY and hope, too - hope that I can know the feeling of being loved once more.

And I’m full of JOY that the tree outside my home office window has been full of dancing goldfinches today. The cats and I have loved that. I just wish those little birds would hold still so I could take their pictures.

Hummingbirds, could you talk to them please? Tell them I don’t bite and the cats are indoor felines.

What gives you JOY?
To play along and share YOUR joy:


For nothing is fixed,  forever and forever and forever,  it is not fixed; the earth is always shifting,  the light is always changing,  the sea does not cease to grind down rock. 

Generations do not cease to be born, and  we are responsible to them  because we are the only witnesses they have.  The sea rises, the light fails,  lovers cling to each other,  and children cling to us.

 The moment we cease to hold each other,  the sea engulfs us and the light goes out. - James Baldwin

Share the Joy Thursday

Too many balls in the air!
Between reading and writing assignments for my Memoir Writing class and working on Finally Me articles,

I totally forgot to Share the Joy.
What gives you JOY?
To play along and share YOUR joy:

1. do a post that tells and shows us  what gives you joy.
2. capture the URL of the specific post  and paste it into the Mr. Linky box along with your name.
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Haiku My Heart: Swan Dive

fall morning sun casts her spotlight on you time for your swan dive 

This week's Haiku My Heart offerings can be found at Rebecca's place.
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