Sunday, January 27, 2013

Note to Myself No. 27

I know a lot of you are dog people.
Some of my friends are even wary about cats,
at least until they meet mine.
So bear with me here.

Cats have enormous amounts to teach us.
They are fully embodied beings.
They don't spend their lives in their heads,
ignoring the parts that are attached.

They eat until they're full
and then walk away from the bowl.
No emotional eating in felines.
And when they're hungry, 
they let you know it.
Sometimes in polite little mews,
sounds that grow increasingly more insistent
if you try convincing them that they'll 
just have to wait.

They're fastidious about grooming
and practice daily yoga,
especially loving (forgive me, canines)
the downward dog pose
and the cello player pose.

If they have a multiple cat household,
they'll bathe each other as a gesture of 
affection and solidarity. . .
though sometimes one will get a little
too bossy and the other will hiss
and storm off,
saying, "Back off, buddy!"
with ears twisted back and flattened.

They love finding a sunlight-warmed 
patch of floor and settling down
for a soothing nap
when they're tired or bored
or have run out of things to read.

They seek and give affection readily
if properly socialized as kittens.

They purr when contented,
hiss when frightened or offended,
eschew fake smiles
(Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire cat

They are who they are.


There's good juju in that.

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