Monday, January 14, 2013

Note to Myself No. 14

I didn't mean this literally.

I was thinking that sometimes I was a bit 
of a doormat, putting up with things
that were intolerable really,
just to make relationships work
because I like peace and harmony
and prefer happily ever after.

Sometimes, metaphorically at least,
a girl needs to call it quits.

When you've done all you can
to change the relationship status quo
and things just keep defaulting back
to the same old unacceptable behaviors. 

Some relationships are so toxic,
they're not worth saving.

And you might as well be sassy
and witty and wear cute shoes
as you step out to a new life,
a new relationship with yourself.

But a young woman who saw this
related that when she broke up 
with her boyfriend in college,
she was wearing really stylish ankle boots
with a spike heel

and for years,
whenever she saw him,
he would put on a sad face and say
"You broke my heart in those boots."

Maybe there's some wisdom in this maxim
I didn't realize when I created the 
Note to Myself.


~JarieLyn~ said...

I love this, the art and the metaphore.

Priti.Lisa said...

Love this story...
and the art. ♥

foxysue said...

"Those boots are made for walkin".x

Annie said...

And find the perfect purse.