Monday, January 16, 2017

In Honor of Martin Luther King Day

Love, compassion and kindness.
Act it out.
Pay it forward.

You've got this!

Note to Myself # 16

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Note to Myself # 15

Best friends
together through thick and Thin Mints,
through boyfriends and husbands
and often back to boyfriends
(if we're so inclined). . .
a sounding board
a person who'll tell you the truth
with love, when possible
and with no-holds-barred when not.
A person who loves you
when you're wearing no makeup
and your house is a mess,
and who's willing to go on vacation
with you when you just have to get outta town.

Who'll tell you secrets
and never, ever repeat yours.

To whom you say, "I'm on my way," 
when a crisis arises,
no matter what day or time or situation.

Who may sometimes make you mad,
but who would never ever vote for Trump
so you forgive her
(and she forgives you when ---
though it rarely happens ---
you annoy the hell out of her).

A sister 
in everything but birth.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Note to Myself # 14

When you give a gift -- of material things or yourself --
the intention behind the act is important.

Sometimes we give out of a feeling of obligation.

Sometimes we give to get.
Or to have someone indebted to us.

Giving with a pure and loving heart,
with no expectations or attachment to
what happens afterwards. . . . 
well that's a rare gift.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Note to Myself # 13

When we're little girls
(or boys, as the case might be)
the people around us teach us
who we are
or at least
who others think we are
but their reactions to us.

If we're lucky,
their labels for us are both positive
and fitting
and we incorporate those characterizations
into our self-image.

If they send negative messages like
you're so stupid!
how could you be so clumsy?
you'll never amount to anything!
can't you do anything right?
well, we incorporate those lies too.

One of the most difficult tasks
we face as adults is sorting
through the labels in our label bank
and deciding which ones fit
and which ones need to be sent
to the trash heap.

Keeping not only the good ones,
but owning some of the bad ones
that we've discovered for ourselves.
Each of us is sometimes too impatient,
lazy, too quick to anger,
If we don't own the negatives,
to be very conscious of our Shadow side
if you will,
then those Shadow traits often run amok.

On the other hand,
if we don't think that we are 
kind and compassionate
smart and capable
loving and worthy of love
then we've lost the very best of us.

As children, we were captive
to messages from those whose realms
we were assigned or exposed to,
whether those messages were positive or negative,
whether they were accurate
or projections of their own stuff.

As adults, we get to 
make our own choices.
Decide who we are at the most basic levels.

We get to choose 
what we believe
in our heart of hearts
when we say
this is who I am.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Note to Myself # 12: Pink Coats

When I create the Notes to Myself
that I often post in January,
most of them are serious.

That said
I also like to create a frivolous
or satirical note or two.
Like this one.

I like pink, don't get me wrong.

But if you're having to resort to 
not-very-practical pink coats
to dazzle a particular man,
oh my.

Dazzle him with your charm, your wit,
your kindness and compassion.
Because if those things don't dazzle him,
he's not a man worth dazzling.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Note to Myself # 11

The smell of freshly popped popcorn
is one of my favorite smells.
I think God smiles when
S/He gets a good whiff
of buttered popcorn.

My theater-of-choice,
as you may already know,
is The Grand Cinema,
one of Tacoma's sparkling gems.
It's a non-profit movie theater
that shows mostly independent films.
You can count of having seen lots of nominees there
when Golden Globes and Oscars are handed out.

Right now
LaLa Land
Manchester by the Sea
Lion are playing.

How's that for a line up?
(And there's Tuesday film series, too,
with films and documentaries that you'd never see
except at the Grand.)

If you're in the know,
you buy an annual membership at the Grand.
For that ($45 for an individual)
besides supporting independent film
you get a discounted admission,
free parking in a lot half a block away
(that's locked at 9 p.m. so go to an afternoon movie
if you can)
a small-size bag of free popcorn
or credit of that cost towards a larger size.

They use Orville R popcorn
and real butter.

Not like the for-profit theaters
that put some kind of greasy yellow chemical
on top of kernels that come from who-knows-where.
I generally avoid that stuff,
both for health reasons and because you can buy
two giant jugs of unpopped Orville 
at Costco for what you'd pay for the medium size serving
at the for-profit concession stands
and most of it goes to waste anyway
because there's no way I could eat that much.

Give me a cup of fluffy kernels
and I'm satiated.

So that's my riff on popcorn.

It's that or the news.
I just saw a pop-up alert that says
DT is having a press conference.
I've heard enough about golden rain.
Enough, in fact, to lose my . . . .
well, you know.